Film Studies bling-bling

Film Studies bling-bling

Film Studies bling-bling Episode 8

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In this episode,

  • you first hear an interview with Sarah-Mai Dang. We talked about Open Science and Open Access.

  • Then I like to draw your attention to the book “Update! Film- und Mediengeschichte im Zeitalter der digitalen Reproduzierbarkeit.“ I had the pleasures of conversing with the author Franziska Heller.

  • And finally, you hear a conversation I had with Francesco Bono from the University of Perugia in Italy on the effects of the corona pandemic on teaching and research.


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About this podcast

"Film Studies bling-bling" is about hidden and well-known treasures, big and small diamonds from Film Studies.

In each episode, we have a "Bling of the month"; scholars from Film Studies who are interviewed about their research.

In the news section, you hear from current research projects or book publications, or whatever struck my way strolling around in the Film Studie's universe.

And at the end of each episode comes the "Dear Diary" chapter. Here I give an insight into my research work in my current project "The cinematic face of cities" and talk about other topics that concern me as a PostDoc.

The podcast is produced at the Film University Babelsberg (Germany).
The Podcast is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). This license allows reusers to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only, for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator.

by Anna Luise Kiss


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